The Closing of Magister Terapan Perencanaan Pariwisata Social Service: Pohsanten is Now a Tourism Village and a “Living Lab” for Agro-cacao and Tourism Education

Program Studi Perencanaan Pariwisata, Program Magister Terapan, Tourism Department, Politeknik Negeri Bali (PNB) has succeeded in providing a community service through the development of an agro-cacao tourism village in Pohsanten Village, Jembrana Regency, Bali, which has been going on since 27 October 2019. Pohsanten is thus a real proof of tourism village under the guidance of the Program Studi Perencanaan Pariwisata, Program Magister Terapan (abbreviated as Matrappar).

The closing ceremony of the community service carried out at the Community-Based Tourism Center in Pohsanten, Friday, October 23, 2020, was attended by the Head of Tourism and Culture Office of Jembrana Regency Nengah Alit, M.Pd., Perbekel (the head of village) of Pohsanten I Gusti Agung Kade Sultra Gunadi Putra, some officials of CBT-tourism village, representatives of the youth groups, the Head of Matrappar Study Program Dr. I Gede Mudana, M.Si and a number of Matrappar students and other study programs in the Tourism Department, as well as Prof. Ni Made Ernawati MATM, PhD who beside the Head of the Matrappar Community Service (called Abdimatrappar) she is also a Matrappar lecturer and Head of the Tourism Department.

Prof. Ni Made Ernawati MATM, Ph.D, in her speech described the process of implementing the Matrappar community service from the beginning to the present stage (23 October 2020) as well as the potential and what should be done in the future. She stated that this social service activity was aimed at increasing the real participation of the Pohsanten community in tourism village entrepreneurship towards mutual prosperity. According to her, the development of agro-cacao-based tourism village is related to efforts to understand the wider structure of the local community about the need to maintain a sustainable nature and environment. In fact, the Pohsanten community cannot be separated from the existing nature and environment.

Prof. Ernawati emphasized the need to implement the principles of CBT (community-based tourism) in the development of the tourism village of Pohsanten with a capital of agro-cacao and its attractive topography. “Apart from the need for the role of the community in terms of quantity and quality, the implementation of nature and environmental preservation is very important, as the cacao agriculture and commodity become the local tourist attraction here,” she said.

The Head of Tourism and Culture Office of Jembrana Regency, Nengah Alit M.Pd, expressed his deep gratitude for the development of a tourism village in his regency (Jembrana) that has been carried out by the team led by Prof. Ernawati. Nengah Alit M.Pd also shows the close relationship between the development of tourism village in Pohsanten carried out by the Matrappar and the tourism development road map in his regency. According to him, it is clear now that all components are interconnected each other so that in the future the cooperation among the Jembrana Regency Government, the community in Pohsanten, and Politeknik Negeri Bali would be intensified and realized.. “Hopefully this excellent cooperation with the Matrappar-PNB can be improved in the future. Moreover, Prof. Ernawati, apart from being a resident of Jembrana, is also now a member of the Jembrana Regency Tourism Promotion Board”, he said hopefully.

Dr. I Gede Mudana M.Si, Head of Matrappar Study Program, before officially closing this social service activity, had touched on the relevance of developing this agro-cacao tourism village in Pohsanten with educational programs on his campus, both in the context of Matrappar study program, Tourism Department, and Politeknik Negeri Bali as an institution. He said that his own institution (PNB), has a scientific paradigm of green tourism which is environmentally friendly very close to the local socio-cultural system. More than that, with the success of this social service program, Pohsanten has not only become a tourism village with its agro-cacao but also a living laboratory (lab) and a training field for educational institutions regarding agro-cacao and tourism. Prior to the official closing ceremony, prizes were presented to the winners of “We Care Forest” competition who came from public high schools in the Jembrana Regency area.

Photo: Head of Tourism and Culture Office of Jembrana Regency Nengah Alit M.Pd (far left), Head of Matrappar Masters Social Service Prof Ni Made Ernawati MATM, PhD (number three from right), and Head of Matrappar Study Program Dr I Gede Mudana MSi (far right) poses together at the Community-Based Center of Pohsanten Tourism Village with the winners of “We Care Forest” Competition.

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