Master Program in Tourism Business (MATRAPPAR) PNB to Hold Green Tourism International Seminar

The Master Program in Tourism Business (Program Studi Perencanaan Pariwisata), Tourism Department, Politeknik Negeri Bali will hold a major event, namely the Green Tourism International Seminar, on Wednesday, November 18th, 2020, starting at 14.00/Central Indonesia Time. National and international speakers as well as experts from Politeknik Negeri Bali will give their talks. This unique seminar, which is the first one in Indonesia, plans to invite the Director of Politeknik Negeri Bali (PNB) I Nyoman Abdi, SE, MeCom to deliver the opening speech and the Deputy Governor of Bali Professor Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati, MSi to kick off the event.

The general objective of the seminar is to implement the green tourism paradigm and simultaneously to reinforce all tourism stakeholders both at the national and international levels, with green living. As a matter of fact, what has happened in the tourism world so far is that the business tends to be massive, capitalistic, and far from being environmentally friendly.

Erika Sedana, Chair of the GTIS Committee, emphasized that the moral message of green tourism seriously needs to be addressed and followed not only by academics and university students but also by business people anywhere as well as the public. According to Erika, this seminar is greatly impactful because our environment today suffers heavily from anthropocentric egoism and the greedy capitalism. “In the midst of the current Covid-19 pandemic, awareness, attitudes, and behavior towards being environmentally friendly are becoming extremely crucial. Therefore, the discourse of green tourism and green lifestyle in our industry and society are strongly required,” said the President Director of Moritz Logistics Indonesia.

In line with the current breakthrough of the Bali Provincial Government who endorses the highly pro-environment “Nangun Sat Kertih Loka Bali towards a New Era Bali”, the Master Program in Tourism Business, Tourism Department, PNB is committed to actualizing green tourism. In many ways, green tourism developed in the form of educational curricula, learning processes, research, publication, and community service in PNB, goes synergic – not only with  the “Nangun Sat Kertih Loka Bali” but also with the global movements as offered by Sustainable Development programs in order to improve the condition of this planet.

In this occasion, the GTIS Committee invites everybody who respects the environment and tourism around the world to participate and submit their related papers. Abstracts can be sent to [email protected] (Mr Krishna Arya WA 085935022255). The abstract is to have not more than 500 words in the format of: Purpose; Research methods; Results and discussion; Implication; and Keywords.

Papers/manuscripts must have the following format: Title; Author(s) name; Author(s) Agencies/companies/organizations; Author(s) email address; Abstract; Introduction; Research Methods; Results and Discussion; Conclusion; Acknowledgment; References. Example and template of the abstract and paper can be found in INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GREEN TOURISM RESEARCH AND APPLICATIONS ( Papers that meet the requirements of the GTIS mechanism and have completed the review/re-editing process (if necessary) will be published in IJOGTRA 2021 and other journals, such as INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPLIED SCIENCES IN TOURISM AND EVENTS (, accredited Sinta 3) and JOURNAL OF APPLIED SCIENCES IN TRAVEL AND HOSPITALITY (, accredited Sinta 5) or the GTIS 2020 Proceeding. Further information about GTIS 2020 can be obtained at and through Matrappars’ social media accounts (FB, IG, Youtube) or you can contact Miss Fajar Yualida WA 085792606788 or Miss Irene WA 081585839398 [anadum].

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